Product Summary

The SII3512ECTU128 is a PCI to 2-Port Serial ATA Host Controller. The SII3512ECTU128 can be used in PC motherboards, PC add-in cards, server motherboards, host bus adapters, RAID subsystems and embedded applications.


SII3512ECTU128 features: (1)Serial ATA - 1.5 Gbps (150 MB/s); (2)Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 specification; (3)Integrated Serial ATA Transport, Link logic and PHY layer; (4)Supports 48-bit sector address feature set; (5)Two independent bus master DMA channels with 256B FIFO per channel; (6)Supports Virtual DMA in PCI with serial link in legacy PIO mode; (7)Supports command buffering for ATA TF shadow registers; (8)Supports up to 4 MB external Flash or EPROM for BIOS expansion; (9)Supports ATAPI devices such as CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM,; (10)DVD+R, etc; (11)Hot-Plug capable; (12)Selectable drive strength for backplane applications; (13)LED support for each channel; (14)Supports spread spectrum clocking to reduce EMI.


SII3512ECTU128 block diagram